Tomás Silva Studio
Tomás Silva


Our Mission:

In Tomás Silva Studio we aim to create products whose designs can add global value to maximise the image of the brand and its sales. 

To achieve our aim we focus on:

- creativity and give each product its own identity 

- modern, innovative and attractive design 

- cost reduction via minimising the number of molds, assembling and storage, as well as optimisation of pieces and materials.  


In Tomás Silva Studio we pay extra attention to the technical aspects of our products. In addition, as design consultants, we put every effort to keep up to date with the new trends, accordingly, we attend most of the well-known exhibitions around the world. However, we pay extra attention not to put our focus solely on the style or the concept and ensure the technical aspects are well established.  



We enjoy our work and we endeavour that our clients will share in our enthusiasm. We ask them to recall and bring to each project the same impulse that caused them to create their business and transmit that magic to the product, since they are the creators who have the power to put this product in the world. In a sense, it is the client’s responsibility to make certain the product is beneficial.

In order to maintain our vision and improve our process of innovation we carry out our own self-financed projects. We patent them and we sell them, offering them to companies that we consider ideal for the product. Thus we promote individual dreams of creativity, with the conviction that each one could be an advance for society.

At Zana design we want our designs to be distinctive because then we will have no competition. This does not involve radical designs, but instead we always make sure they have an aesthetic design so that they will reach the greatest number of people. Our distinctive approach influences the conceptualization of the product, which can be seen in a “crib,” a floating seat, or in the “tab,” a stool that disappears when not in use.

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